deepfld.gifThrough the understandings of new science we have been able to provide stable theories for some of the answers we call predictions. It seems to be that our understandings in our search for knowledge that questions will always continue to exist. The beginning of the the universe which created life that we witness now. The Big Bang theory a subject title that is made of many theories on how life on earth was created billions of years ago. Also along with the other parts of the universe such as the planets, suns, and other galaxies.

About 15 billon years ago the big bang explosion occured outside our universe and created life as it stands now. The big bang created billions of years of matter that runs through our bodies as humans, animals, water, and the earth. The BIG BANG exploded with an unimaginary force of matter and a 1000 trillion degree explosion. Created planets and stars composed of many different atoms like hydrogen and silicon. Scientists believe the universe back then was too hot for anything other than the most fundamental particles -- such as quarks and photons.