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A galaxy is any large scale system of stars, interstellar gas,dust,and plasma within the universe. Every is coontroled and held togather by on central gavitational force. Galaxies are distributed unevenly in space. some galaxies are found in clusters.

There are 3 distinct types of galaxies which are elliptical, spirals, and irregulars. The average galaxy contains more then 100 billion solar masses and ranges from 1,500 to 300,000 loight years. The space between the galaxies of the universe, is filled with an unsubstantiated plasma matter that has and average density less than one atom per cubic meter.

The galaxy that were in is called the milky way galaxy. Which is a spiral galay.The Milky Way is believed to contain more than 300 billion stars. The ear and its solar system are the Milky Way.

here are believed to be more than 100 billion galaxies within the total expance of the universe. There are only 3 galaxies outside the Milky way that are visible with the unaided eye.

The first known galaxies were longly known before there nature as "Island Univeres". until edwin powell Hubble invented the telescope. All other galaxies have been discoverd only after his inention. With out his invention we might have never none about galaxies, his ivention of the telescope was a lot of help to the univeres.

There are many different kinds of galaxies in the universe. But only a few can be seen with human eye. The milky way is the galaxy we live in. It got its name becacuse they say the stars looked like spilling milk. galaxies havve all different shapes and sizes. I hope this info can help you.