!!!!AGE OF STARS!!!!
The age of stars is the kinds of stars. The stars are in different shapes and sizes.The closest star take more than 4 years for light alone to reach. The closest star had to travel a long way to go some were or do something. They observe thier spectrum.

The specrtum is real far away. The spectrum is a peice of a star. They can determine how long they have to live. they can live a long time. The gyrochronogy is based on the rotational speed of air.

. It can tell lots of things about a star. Like the speed, the air and how it is made. The speed that a star rotates os steadily changing its life. It can change its life a lot of times. But it has to be a couple of years old first.

It can start a 7 billion years. The speed can change it to. The speed has a lot of effects on it. The speed can make it faster and it can make it grow. when it grows it can do anything.

Its dependent on the stars age and color. The stars age is really neat. The stars age has alot of effect on things. A star can age up to a long time. There is a star that is 4 billion years old.

The color can be diffeexternal image web_print.jpgrent types of them. There i
Stars - Astronomy For Kids ...
Stars - Astronomy For Kids ...
s just plain white. There is just plain black. There can also be a different color. The color can do things like stand out.

When you go outside at night and you can see the stars. Sometimes you can see black stars. Sometimes you can see white ones. If you look real close you can see the sparkely ones.